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How We Work

Start with a Quick Chat
Talking about money doesn’t always come naturally. A video chat with a financial planner is a quick, free way to see if Woven is a fit for you.
Formulate a Plan
Get dialed in on your financial priorities. Based on your risk tolerance, life situation & goals, we’ll help you chart a plan for your financial future.
Stay Accountable
Life happens. But with the right support you’re more likely to stay on track. Simple tech tools + expert coaching will help you achieve your financial goals.
Worry Less
With everything you’re doing out there in the world, the last thing you need is anxiety about money. Worry less and keep things running smoothly with Woven.

What Makes Woven Different?

Fee-only, no commissions of any kind, so you can trust that your interest is the only interest. Even when you’re earning interest.

No asset minimums, because what you bring to the table can’t be quantified.

Financial planning first and only. We’re not selling insurance, practicing law, doing taxes, brokering stocks, kickstarting, flipping houses, or auditioning for Shark Tank.

Technologically sound. We love a good tool when it helps us do our best a little better.

Monthly retainer: cost-effective financial consulting whenever and wherever you need it.

Transparency. No referral fees, kickbacks, or commissions. Our two favorite directions are up and front.