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Your life is unique.
Your financial plan should be too.

Hi, I’m Aaron Hatch, CFP®, and founder of Woven Capital. I’ve been a financial planner since 2011, and in the years I’ve been practicing I’ve noticed something unusual:

Many financial planners create plans that are one-size-fits-all.

While it’s true that many people have similar financial goals, I believe that money is much more personal than a cookie-cutter plan. This is especially true for tech professionals in the greater Bay area who have complicated financial lives. You have a lot on your plate, and a generic plan isn’t going to cut it.

The decisions you make about your wealth are woven into the bigger canvas of your life.

Our team wants to help you create a financial plan that’s comprehensive. We view your money as a tool that can be leveraged to help you build the life you’ve always dreamed about. We don’t do cookie-cutter plans, and we don’t do generic advice.

We focus on helping you make exceptional decisions with your money so that you can spend more time doing what you love and less time worrying about whether you’re making the right financial moves. Together, we’ll dig deep to uncover your goals, create a tailored strategy to reach them, and set up bite-sized and actionable “to do’s” to help you move the needle. As your life and goals evolve, we’ll be here to help you adjust and track your progress.

My Why

When I was in college, I wanted to be a doctor. After some soul searching and an internship at an investment bank, I determined that while being a physician wasn’t the perfect path for me – I wanted to be involved in a profession that helped people. I had the drive to make a positive impact on the lives around me.

While I was drawn to the detailed concepts of financial planning, I felt like the investment bank where I interned was missing the critical “human” element that always comes with conversations about money. That’s when I stumbled on fee only financial planning, and I truly felt like I had found my calling.

To me, financial planning means looking at your life and your money in the same frame. Your money is woven into everything that you do, because money funds your dreams and makes the intangible a reality. Financial planning isn’t just about the money – it’s about planning for everything else.

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