How a Financial Advisor Can Make Your Life Better

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Today’s article is a guest post written by Chris Hardy, Director of Planning and Investments at Paramount Investment Advisors. Chris and I became friends after meeting at an industry conference and I asked him to write some thoughts on the benefits of engaging with a financial advisor as a guest topic for this site.

You have been responsibly following your financial plan. You have a successful career, and to anyone watching your life play out, you have it all. The American Dream is seemingly evident in all you have attained… the house, the cars, and a couple of kids excelling in school. What more can your advisor do than review those charts and graphs that reveal, once again, you’re on the right track? Why are you asking the question, “How can my advisor make my life better?” when it appears perfect already?

Financial advisors can do more than just manage your money. They should be keenly aware of who you really are underneath the successful plan and understand why you’re seeking something more from them.

Our society has driven many motivated people to gather the trophies of success, but has left some yearning for more and seeking great life changes amidst their grand accomplishments. Financial advisors can help you capitalize on your ambitions by digging deep and getting to the root of what drives you in the first place.

Financial advisors can help you find greater career satisfaction

An advisor can ask the questions and find out what truly interests you. Maybe your career is no longer your passion or you could be making more money. Since you’ve come this far and have been financially responsible, an advisor can help you consider a career change or salary negotiation that will bring you closer to your financial goals and life priorities.

An advisor can help show you what’s possible if your income shifts up or down based on your career choices. What happens to your big picture financial plan if you turn a dream into a reality? What would happen if you walked away from a job because salary negotiations didn’t meet your bottom line? What is your bottom line and how long can you and your family be without your income?

A financial advisor can work out each scenario so that you equipped with the knowledge to pursue your professional dreams without compromising your financial future.

They can help you prioritize your family and your time

In the same way an advisor can get to the bottom of what drives you to get up and go to work every morning, he/she can zero in on what you value most in your family life.

Simply asking some questions about what brings your family joy can transform your financial plan to prioritize goals that will help you meet that joy. Perhaps it’s figuring out how to fund more world travel or how to maximize your own outdoor space at home so you can entertain family more.

A financial advisor who is asking the right questions is the one who will get you thinking about what matters to you most in life. They go beyond dollars and cents to make sure you are doing all that you can with your money to benefit your family not just in the future, but in the present as well.

The big idea

An advisor’s resolve to work tirelessly in your best interests is evidence of their true commitment. There has always been more to you, your success, and your family than financial reports on a screen. An advisor who recognizes this reality is one to have in your corner and the type of financial advisor that can truly make your life better.


Chris Hardy - CH headshot 1About the Author: Chris Hardy, CFP®, EA, ChFC®, CLU®, NTPI Fellow® is the Director of Planning and Investments at Paramount Investment Advisors, Inc., a fee-only wealth management firm located in the metro Atlanta suburb of Suwanee, Georgia. Chris specializes in providing clarity to his client’s financial vision through comprehensive and strategic wealth planning.

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