What We Do

The Woven Road Map

You have the drive to conquer your financial challenges, act in a way that aligns with your goals and values, and ultimately achieve your unique definition of financial freedom – you’re just not sure where to start. The Woven Road Map is the solution for you. Together, we’ll discuss your dreams, your plans, and your values. We’ll also go over every aspect of your financial life, and how it’s impacting your ability to achieve those dreams and act on your values. Woven Capital will create and deliver a comprehensive financial plan that gives you all the information and tools you need to get a handle on your cash flow, start saving with confidence, pay down debt, manage expenses, mitigate the impact that taxes have on your income and investments, adjust your workplace benefits enrollment, and allocate your assets.

Starting at $1,500 (one-time fee).

Your Personal CFO

Woven Capital’s Personal CFO Program is a high-touch financial planning and investment management program that allows you to fully outsource your finances. We offer the program at two different levels – Lite and Premium – to help you tailor the engagement to be exactly what you need. Our goal through the Personal CFO Program is to provide you the education you need to make empowered money decisions, organize your finances, and keep you moving forward and on track to meet your lifestyle goals.

Starting at $3,000/year.

Investment Management

We help our clients with everything from developing an investment strategy from scratch to building a Socially Responsible Investing plan for clients who want to closely align their money with their values. As your goals shift and lifestyle changes, we’ll be there to help you balance your portfolio and adjust as needed.

Starting at 0.90% annual fee with a 0.225% quarterly fee for assets up to $1,000,001