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At Woven Capital, we’re passionate about helping our clients create a roadmap for their money. From every day cash flow to building a unique investment strategy that supports their goals and values, we want to help them leverage their finances in a way that adds value back into their lives. We work with people all over the country, but we specialize in helping individuals in our home state of California. Let’s take a look at two client case studies* that capture what our clients are all about.


The Bay Area Tech Professional

Sara is a tech professional living in the Bay Area. She’s married to her husband of several years, Scott, and together they have one child, Anne. Scott recently launched a tech startup focusing on app development. Anne has enrolled in a nearby daycare this year that costs an arm and a leg, and the added expense has made Sara and Scott realize that their budget may not be as roomy as they once thought.

They spend $3,800/month in rent, and they carried a combined student debt load of $72,000. Scott’s startup has started pulling a profit this year, and they’re quickly seeing that their higher-than-average income is going to leave them hammered with both federal, state, and local taxes. Scott and Sara are hoping to purchase a home in the Bay Area in the next two to three years, but aren’t sure how to make it happen. It feels like their paychecks disappear as soon as they hit their bank account, and they’re almost always feeling worried about their money.

Through her employer, Sara has a 401(k) and restricted stock units. She and Scott have been looking around at their colleagues who are purchasing fancy new cars, upgrading their living spaces, and taking vacations to exotic locations, and they’re not sure how everyone is swinging these big-ticket purchases. They feel like maybe they’re missing something, and aren’t sure how to maximize their money to achieve the lifestyle they want right now while still setting themselves (and their daughter) up for long-term success. After discussing their finances, they feel like they’re flying blind, and are ready to start getting financial guidance from someone who’s a professional, not just a friend or colleague who’s “been there, done that” with varying levels of success.

The Socially Responsible Local

Marie is a pre-retiree local to Redding, California. She’s incredibly involved with her local community board, and she’s wanting to start aligning her investments with her values through socially responsible investing. She doesn’t have an overwhelming need for a financial plan – but as she nears retirement, she’s a little bit concerned about how to maximize her savings while adjusting her investments according to this new season of her life.

Sound Like You?

If these descriptions sound like you, we’d love to learn more about what you’re looking for in a financial planner, and to explore whether Woven Capital is a fit! Schedule a meeting today for your obligation-free consultation.

*Case studies are not real stories about real people. They’re fictionalized accounts of the type of clients who work with Woven Capital, based on real life money situations that our team has seen consistently.